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How will Anytime Auslan claim for services that have been delivered?

Anytime Auslan will assess each booking individually to ensure the charges are as accurate as possible before submitting a claim. Prior to each booking a charge category will be applied to a booking as described on your request, after the service has been provided it will be confirmed with the professional conducting the service that the charge category fit the booking. We will then invoice the plan manager, if it is a private business or self managed we will email directly to the contact details we were given in the booking.

Terms & Conditions of Service

To view Auslan Version click here: Anytime Auslan Terms & Conditions of service – YouTube

MINIMUM BOOKING POLICY: Anytime Auslan apply a minimum charge to every booking. This is the minimum fee that is payable by you. Additional costs will be incurred at the 2-hour point of a booking and is charged at 15-minute increments thereafter. Weekends and Public Holidays have a minimum 2.5-hour booking fee *please note if you require an interpreter over 1 hour refer to OH&S. This exists to secure a fair remuneration for interpreters, particularly as the industry is a casualised workforce.

CANCELLATION: When bookings are cancelled at short notice, it is often difficult for the interpreter to find new assignments. In consideration of this, all bookings cancelled within 24 hours of the start time will incur the full cost of the booking. This 24-hour period does not include public holidays and weekends.
If you wish to cancel a booking please contact our team at any time via email, notifying the date and time of the booking.

FAILURE TO ATTEND: If the Deaf participant does not arrive within 30 minutes of the scheduled start time, the interpreter will report this to the booking office where appropriate enquiries will be made. If it is established that the participant has not communicated any reason for being late, and that 30 minutes of the start time have passed, the interpreter is permitted to deem the booking “NO SHOW” and will be paid in full. Travel will be paid in full if the interpreter travelled over 20km from their home address.

OH&S for interpreters: The welfare of an interpreter is our primary consideration and OHS standards mandate that in many settings 2 interpreters must be employed to work in tandem to reduce physical and mental fatigue. A level of discretion is used on a case by case basis when determining how many interpreters are required and considers length of appointment, speed and content of interpretation, number of scheduled breaks, and number of Deaf and hearing participants.

UNABLE TO SERVICE : No fee is payable for a cancellation by Anytime Auslan where interpreter booking has not been fulfilled.


Auslan face to face Interpreter
$129 per hour*
Minimum 2 hours payment

Auslan Video Interpreter
$112.00 per hour*
Minimum 2 hour payment

*exclusive of GST
Prices may vary for after hours and Public holidays, contact us if you would like a quote for services.

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