Terms & Conditions

How will Anytime Auslan claim for services that have been delivered?

Anytime Auslan will assess each booking individually to ensure the charges are as accurate as possible before submitting a claim. Prior to each booking a charge category will be applied to a booking as described on your request, after the service has been provided it will be confirmed with the professional conducting the service that the charge category fit the booking. We will then invoice the plan manager, if it is a private business or self managed we will email directly to the contact details we were given in the booking.

Goods & Services Tax

Anytime Auslan will apply Goods and Services Tax (GST) to relevant invoices such as services provided to private businesses, EAF bookings, Department of Education, or for anything not NDIS related. NDIS services do not include Goods & Services Tax (GST).

Terms of payment

Terms of payment for NDIS invoices is 7 days. Terms of payment for Tax Invoice inc GST is 14 days.
If your NDIS plan is running low on funds, you must let us know. The participant of the NDIS plan you are still responsible to make sure you have enough funding to cover the bookings you have created.

What are Anytime Auslan’s service rates?

Auslan Interpreter – Face to face 
$129 per hour*
Minimum 2 hours payment

Auslan Interpreter – Video Interpreter
$112.00 per hour*
Minimum 1.5 hour payment

*exclusive of GST (some services will be GST applicable)

Please contact us if you would like a quote for services.


Travel Costs
Travel for staff attending in community access and capacity building will be charged travel in accordance with the NDIS pricing guidelines. Which currently is 0.85c per km with no minimum requirement to charge.

eg, Contractor travels 20km to booking (40km return)

20km + 20km = 40km x $0.85c = $34 travel cost

For cancellations of bookings under 24 business hours (weekends not included) a 100% fee will be payable. If booking is cancelled on Friday after 5pm it is chargeable for Saturday, Sunday and Monday cancellations, this falls under 24 hours business hours as the interpreters do not get a chance to source other work as all businesses are closed.

If the Participant client fails to attend or make contact within 30 minutes of the booking start time, or the booking finishes early, the interpreter will be released from the booking, and the full fee is payable including travel if over 20km from interpreters home.

Monday – Friday
2 hour minimum booking for face to face bookings
1.5 hour minimum booking for video interpreter bookings

Saturday – Sunday
2.5 hour minimum booking for face to face bookings
2 hour minimum booking for video interpreter bookings

Two Interpreters for bookings over 1 hour
Any interpreter booking over 1 hour or that involves large groups/complex information, may require two interpreters to be booked for Workplace Occupational Health and Safety reasons and this will be dependent on the specific assignment. Interpreters work in tandem to ensure accuracy, minimal interruption to the flow of the assignment and to prevent risk of injury.

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